Thinking in Distributed Systems

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Bridge the gap from beginner to expert

Every modern software system is a distributed system. Whether you are building a web app, mobile app, or cloud service, understanding the fundamental principles and practices of distributed systems is essential for any software engineer.

However, I struggled to find comprehensive resources while mastering distributed systems. That's why I wrote this book – to share my knowledge and experience I gained over 15 years of studying and working with distributed systems.

This book is a comprehensive overview of the key concepts in distributed systems, consisting of 12 concise yet easy-to-follow chapters.

Take your first steps towards mastering distributed systems.

What's inside

12 chapters, full of diagrams, illustrations, and examples, all about distributed systems.

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What You Get From This Book

Advance your career

With a deep understanding of distributed systems, you'll be well-equipped to pursue leadership roles.

Go from beginner to expert

Bridge the gap from beginner and expert, master the skills needed to succeed in distributed systems.

Think like the experts

Learn how to approach complex problems with the mindset and the confidence of an expert.

Learn the theoretical foundations

With a strong foundation, you'll tackle complex challenges and contribute valuable insights.

Learn the practical applications

Real-world examples give you a comprehensive understanding of distributed systems.

Get clarity

Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty as you master distributed systems with clear explanations.

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Thinking in Distributed Systems

6 ratings
I want this!